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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the home games located ?

Currently, the Metrowest YMCA is the home gym for the Framingham Travel Program. If weather causes a game to be made up, the make-­up site might be at another gym in Framingham.


How much does Framingham Travel cost ?

For the 2017-2018 Season, the YMCA member rate is $225 and the non-member rate is $325.  Additional uniform costs are $50 per player ( returning players can reuse uniforms each year).  If you child's coach elects to enter tournaments, those are typically around $25 per player per tournament. The maximum number of tournaments would be three (3).  (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and February school break).


How long will each practice be ?

Practices will be 1 hours minimum and 2 hours maximum. This is usually not determined until Framingham Travel Basketball has secured the gym times.


What nights are practices ?

Coaches on each team select from a list of available times, nights, and gyms to hold practices. Once decided, your team will practice on the same nights each week at the same time. It is not a rotating schedule and it will be consistent. Practices may be held on a Saturday as well.


How do uniforms work ?

If your child is selected to a team, you will need to purchase a uniform (both shorts and tops) that you keep. Both shorts and top are reversible.


What happens if my child is not selected for a team ?  Are there other basketball options in Framingham ?

Yes, we encourage any child who does not make a Framingham Travel team to join one of the many recreational leagues ( CYO, TBA, YMCA, etc..) offered in the town.  We strongly believe that there is a place for every player to develop skills and we are fortunate to have a town that offers basketball at various levels of play.


If my child is not as good as other players in his grade, should he bother to try out ?

Absolutely !  Metrowest has five (5) divisions of play for their regular season and if you son is selected for a team, his team will be placed in the appropriate division.  We believe a tryout experience benefits every player.  And as we always say "Don't cut yourself by not trying out".


How much does it cost to tryout ?

Tryouts are free !


Can my child play "up" a grade level ?

No. We believe in grade-base play. In our experience, it has always been better for a  child to play with his grade. However, there have been instances where this has been allowed, but only where a team was not offered at a certain grade level. For instance, if your child is in the 4th grade and there we not enough players for a 4th grade team, your child may be allowed to participate on the 5th grade team. This has NOT been the case for ANY boy's teams to date, but has been the case for our girls' teams.


If a grade has a lot of kids trying out, would Framingham Travel ever have three (3) teams per grade ?

The answer depends on the total number of teams participating that year.  Available gym space for practices is limited.  Any gym space allocated to an additional team per grade, would lessen the total gym time availability.  Since we value practice time for all our teams, we would only consider a third team IF gym time was available to accommodate all teams.


How much playing time will each player get ?

While every coach makes the decision regarding playing time based on practice attendance, attitude, coachability, and skill level, coaches are encouraged to use the following as a minimum guideline:


4th and 5th grade levels: Roughly equal time through three (3) quarters, then playing time based game situation in the fourth quarter, with the goal of playing each player at least once in the fourth quarter.


6th-8th grade levels:  Roughly twenty five percent (25%) or one quarter of playing time. Playing time should be increased for all one-sided games (games were team is behind or ahead by a large margin).


Note: Travel basketball offers many practice opportunities and we strongly believe that practices are where your child can really develop.  Playing time is always at the discretion of the coach, but monitored by Framingham Travel Basketball officials to ensure coaches adhere to the minimum.


Is there a big difference between Framingham Travel, TBA, CYO and the YMCA recreational leagues ?

Yes a big difference.  Recreational leagues offer games against your child's friends and other players in the town.  Non-traditional basketball rules are enforced to encourage participation by all players, regardless of skill level. Framingham Travel basketball teams compete against the best players from OTHER towns throughout Metrowest.  Additionally, the commitment level is much higher in Framingham Travel as your child is expected to attend every practice and every  game.


Can my child sign up for other leagues as well ?

Yes, many of other players sign up for both leagues. Although we believe this is a family decision, please be aware that the expectation is that your child's Framingham Travel team is his number one winter commitment and it is not acceptable to miss a Travel practice or game for another leagues's practice or game without permission from your child's Travel coach.


How long is the season ?

Tryouts are early September/late October. Practices generally start in November with most teams entering a Thanksgiving Tournament. The Metrowest season typically begins the first weekend in December and runs through the second weekend of the February school break. Playoffs typically being the first week in March, with every team making the playoffs. The playoff format is single elimination concluding around mid-March. The Metrowest season is 12 games starting on first weekend of Christmas school break through both weekends of February school break.


Does Framingham Travel has teams in other seasons (spring, summer, fall ) ?

Yes, Framingham Travel enters various AAU teams as the Framingham Express. Please check our website frequently for updates, tryout information.  For additional information contact Raul Matos at : rmatos@framinghambasketball.com


I am interested in coaching.  Can I be a coach ?

Framingham Travel Basketball makes every effort to use qualified coaches. If you feel that you can contribute as a head or assistant coach, please visit the "documents" tab on the left side of the website and click on "Jr Flyers Travel" and select "Coach Applications".  Fill this out and submit the necessary paperwork.  Coaches must submit to CORI investigation and are selected by Framingham Travel board members based upon past experience,  adherence to coaching conduct guidelines, need, and other factors.